Premature Ejaculation


Did you know basil? Basil leaves it can be used to overcome premature ejaculation. This review article. Ahead of the basil leaves used as a natural remedy premature ejaculation or herbal remedies to overcome premature ejaculation, it must first be diagnosed causes of premature ejaculation is.

As it is known that there are two factors that cause premature ejaculation, the physical and psychological disorder factors.

Premature ejaculation because of psychological factors usually occur due to a history of the same, that the habit of a hurry to find the ejaculation. Such habits are formed because of frequent masturbation in a hurry and want a fast out-and because patients frequently have sex with sex workers.

While premature ejaculation that occurs because of physical problems, it is precisely when things mentioned above by using basil leaves as a cure. The basil leaves commonly called a seasoning containing arginine compounds are found to strengthen the life span of the sperm and prevent infertility.

Asily tackle premature ejaculation with basil leaves therapy, it can be done by taking a handful of basil leaves were then washed, brewed with hot water. After cooling it, drink solution once, yejust once a day. If you want salad, it can also be consumed as basil leaves salad.


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