Natural Staph Infection Remedies

Staph infections are the painful swellings with redness on the skin. They tend to spread from one person to another. Staph infections are due to the invading of staphylococcus aureus. The natural way of treating staph infections will be a better option. Here are some natural home remedies for  staph infections.

Oregano Oil


Oregano oils are rich with its anti-inflammatory properties in it. It effectively treats the staph infection by reducing the inflammation caused by it. Regular use of oregano oil gives immense relief from pain. Oregano oils are one of the best home remedies for a staph infection. Just pour some 2-3 drops of oregano oil on the infected areas. You can apply this oil as many times as you can.


Vegetable Market Onions Healthy Food Vegetables

Onions are treated as the best natural medicine for a staph infection. They are rich in various medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Just slice an onion into bigger pieces and directly place an onion slice on the bruise, roll a bandage over it. Change the bandage once in every 4 hours.

Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourds are best killers of various infections. They act as the guards of an immune system. Bitter gourds are one of the best home remedies for a staph infection. Grind some bitter gourds and extract the juice from it. Consume it regularly for 2-3 weeks on an empty stomach at morning.

Witch Hazel


Witch hazel contains numerous natural astringents in it. They will help you in how to get rid of staph infection. Hazel gives protection to the body by restricting the growth or development of the staph infection bacteria. Create a mixture using witch hazel added with water. Use that water to clean the infected area.

Golden Seal

Goldenseal with immense antibacterial properties will help in treating the staph infections. Take some 2-3 teaspoons of goldenseal powder and mix it well in the water. Wash the infected areas with the golden seal water. Repeat this process for cleaning the infected area.


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