Natural Remedies For Sneezing In Toddlers

Sneezing is a result of throwing out the impurities from the nasal tube. Yet it provides many discomforts. Sneezing may be due to cold, weather changing, pollens, allergic reactions or even exposure to sunlight. In the case of toddlers, it seems to be a disgusting factor for them. It will be a great difficult to mothers who will get suffered alone with their baby. Here are some natural remedies for sneezing in toddlers.



Honey is the best natural home remedies for sneezing in toddlers. Honey gives soothing effect in a sore throat. Take a spoon of honey and warm it gently and feed your kid with it. Repeat this process for 1 week until the sneezing vanishes.


Breastfeeding is a great method of treating many diseases in toddlers. Breast milk provides all important and essential antibiotic properties to the infant. Hence often feed your infant.

Vapor Rubs


Vapor rubs give immense relief to the toddlers. Infants above 3 months are advised to use vapor rubs. Some vapor rubs possess eucalyptus oil in it which will provide a good effect for cold in toddlers. Take a few vapor rubs and gently massage it on the chest and back. Avoid treating the vapor rubs in the areas with bruises.

Keep Warm

Keep your baby warm to get rid of cold and sneeze. You can use a humidifier in the baby’s room. Give a warm water bath to the toddler. Ensure that you provide a warm environment for your baby.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil contains immense antimicrobial properties in it. It helps in the development of immunity power in infants. Take some coconut oil and massage it around the nose and all over the body. And also you can feed your baby with 2 spoons of coconut oil daily.


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